is a family business, specialising in handmade hair accessories of the highest quality and attention to detail. All our components are carefully selected for their robustness and their elegance. Each accessory sports a magnificent centrepiece – our clay flowers, all individually designed, hand-sculpted and fired by us, here in London.


is behind everything we do. We treat each piece as an individual project; an individual work of art! Our mission is to project the beauty and the majesty of nature and the elements through a combination of clay, wire, crystal and pearl. And, of course, into every product we pour our love, our passion, our devotion and our gratitude.


Timea Breban, has built our brand on the foundations of her skill and experience in the hairstyling industry. Bridging the flamboyance of wedding hair with the glamour and chic of editorial hair art, it is Timea’s ambition to complement the most sought-after hair styles with accessories worthy of dream wedding isles and couture catwalks – to create accessories which transcend styles, trends and occasions. Accessories which “…when they are worn, they are part of the hairstyle and part of the person wearing them.”


Every one of our creations is assembled by hand. Every flower begins as a ball of clay and is moulded by hand, petal by petal. All our hair vines and hair pins are hand wired, set on gold-plated, silver-plated or bronze coloured wire and decorated with crystals, pearls or beads. NO adhesive is used in our accessories and NO machines are used in creating them.